Raspberry Pi Images

Raspberry Pi Images:

Equipment needed:

  • A Raspberry Pi of course!
  • Minimum of 8 GB SD card, preferably 16 GB or 32 GB.
  • Image writing software, Etcher

An easy way to write images to SD and USB drives:

  1. Download and  install Etcher from here.
  2. Open Etcher, and insert your Micro SD card or USB drive into your computer.
  3. In etcher, open the image location on your computer and click ok.
  4. Click flash, type in your computer password to continue.
  5. Depending on the quality and speed of your SD card or USB drive, time to write the images may vary.

If there are any issues, post down in the comments section.


An operating image that consists of many operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

What is it?

NOOBS (New Out Of Box System) is a boot loader where different operating systems such as Raspbian, Kodi media center, Ubuntu and other common raspberry pi operating systems can be downloaded and booted from. Additional operating systems are downloaded.


Desktop (GUI) and Lite

Whats the difference between Desktop and lite?

Desktop images takes more storage on an SD card, the desktop image also requires more memory to load the GUI than the Lite image. The Lite image is 100% command line.  Click here to get the Raspbian images:


a linux DISTRIBUTION similar to raspbian

Ubuntu-Mate 16.0.4 is available for Raspberry Pi here. Write the image using the tutorial above with Etcher. Ubuntu-Mate will take more memory than Raspbian due to a more fancy GUI desktop. Ubuntu-Mate is not provided by the Raspberry Pi foundation, it is directly from Ubuntu-Mate.org.


An image that is similar to NOOBS

Whats the difference between berryboot and Noobs?

NOOBS is made by the Raspberry Pi foundation, BerryBoot is not. You can expect more help if you have any issues with NOOBS then if you do with BerryBoot. If your planning on making a retro gaming console or media server with the Raspberry Pi and want to use other software on the same SD card, I would recommend getting BerryBoot.

Android From Emteria.OS:

android 7.1

You can read about the installation here.


Trying to find more images? Find more images at:

Raspberry Pi Foundation and eLinux.org.

Any questions? Post them down in the comments section.

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