ECM Compression/Archival Tool (Linux)

ECM Compression/Archival Tool (Linux)

Do you have files that are in a .ecm format? Well, this short tutorial will show you how to install and use the tool to easily be able to uncompress such files. This should work on most versions of Linux. We have tested it on Debian Linux, Raspbian. Most types of files needing this tool are PlayStation 1 games. This tool will be able to uncompress games for RetroPie. RetroPie does not support files in this format. They will have to be converted. PlayStation 1 games often come with a .ecm format.

Things needed:

  • Linux computer
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor or SSH into computer

Video Tutorial:


  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type: sudo apt-get install ecm
  3. Press Y
  4. It is a small installation and should finish quickly.

Using the archival tool:

    • To compress files, use ecm-compress (file path)
    • To uncompress files, use ecm-uncompress (file path)
    • To delete/remove the tool,
sudo apt-get remove ecm
sudo apt-get purge ecm

Enjoy using this free and open source tool. It is easy to use and fast at doing its job. If you have any questions/suggestions, comment down below.


Suggestion: RetroPie Download/Install on Raspberry Pi

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