How to setup Minecraft on Raspberry Pi (Forge Version 1.12.2)

Raspberry Pi, Minecraft, Forge

How to setup Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi

Bored of Minecraft Pi edition and want to play something more challenging? Survival, creative, mobs, servers and more? Well follow this Minecraft on Raspberry Pi tutorial really well and you will have it up and running in no time! We will also be installing Optifine. This mod has more customizable settings to help disable some functions of Minecraft which improves the overall FPS. Warning: This requires a registered Minecraft account. Minecraft + Optifine = sound working. Minecraft + Forge = no Minecraft sounds.

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Intel CPU perfomance tool

Intel Power Gadget

Intel CPU performance tool

Intel CPU performance tool,  a piece of software used to read various Intel CPU characteristics. Ever wanted to see the current clock speed of your Intel CPU or the power drawn by the CPU or the temperature of your CPU? Well, you can. Using this piece of software made by Intel themselves, you can monitor, clock speeds, temperature, the power drawn and even the utilization of the CPU in one gadget. This works with Intel CPUs on any software.

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Connect to your Raspberry Pi wirelessly!

RaspberryPi wireless

Connecting to your Raspberry Pi wirelessly

Ever wanted to connect to your Raspberry Pi wirelessly? You can! Using only a mouse and keyboard once we can access our Raspberry Pi wirelessly across the internet where ever you are in the world! You could be on holiday and can still access your Raspberry Pi at home! Furthermore, this works on all devices; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS!

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Converting 2 separate existing Oses into a multi-boot with PINN

Multiboot image jpeg raspbian, retro pie

Converting 2 separate existing Oses into a multi-boot with PINN

Have you bought an HDD for your Raspberry Pi recently and want to transfer all your separate OSes to the HDD? With this tutorial, you will be able to transfer almost any OS into a multi-boot. Furthermore, you can also boot your Raspberry Pi from a Micro SD card, but the filesystem is on the HDD. Basically what this means is that the boot partitions will be stored on a Micro SD card and that the root partitions will be stored on the HDD. In this tutorial, we will be converting 1 Raspbian and 1 RetroPie Micro SD card into a multi-boot. Continue reading “Converting 2 separate existing Oses into a multi-boot with PINN”

ECM Compression/Archival Tool (Linux)

ECM image compress

ECM Compression/Archival Tool (Linux)

Do you have files that are in a .ecm format? Well, this short tutorial will show you how to install and use the tool to easily be able to uncompress such files. This should work on most versions of Linux. We have tested it on Debian Linux, Raspbian. Most types of files needing this tool are PlayStation 1 games. This tool will be able to uncompress games for RetroPie. RetroPie does not support files in this format. They will have to be converted. PlayStation 1 games often come with a .ecm format.

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